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Cosmetic Tattoo

Coming this May 2022


Before making any brow cosmetic tattoo appointment, you must have a consultation prior to ensure you are  suitable for the treatment as well as thoroughly going through what style etc you are wanting before the initial appointment 


( goes towards treatment; if change of mind and do not wish to proceed this $50 is non-refundable )

feather touch_edited.jpg

Feather Touch 

Feather touch, also known as microblading is a cosmetic tattoo technique that creates the appearance of  individual hair strokes into the skin with a manual hand tool

Feather Touch Full Set : $600

Feather Touch up 6-8 weeks ( Existing Clients ) $150

Feather Touch Up 6-9 months ( Existing Clients ) $200

Feather Touch up 12 months ( Existing Clients ) $250

feather touch_edited.jpg

Ombre / Powder Brows

Ombre is a type of brow using a shading technique that will create small pixels in the skin therefore can fully customise to be as soft or dramatic you would like 

Ombre Full Set : $580

Ombre Touch Up 6-8 weeks ( Existing Clients): $150

Ombre Touch Up 6-9  months (Existing Clients): $200

Ombre Touch Up 12 months (Existing Clients): $250

Combination Brows

Combination Brows use both microblading and shading techniques. The microblading is done at the start and throughout the brow to give a natural effect and then shading is added to create more depth to the brows 

Combination Full Set : $610

Combination Touch Up 6-8 week ( Existing Clients): $150

Combination Touch Up 6-9 months ( Existing Clients): $200

Combination Touch Up 12 month ( Existing Clients): $250



  • Must have a consultation prior to initial appointment - will not be able to book in until this has been done 

  • Numbing agents are to be purchased at clients expense - this will be spoken about at consultation with appropriate forms

  • 50% deposit is required for all tattooing appointments (full $50 deposit for consultation appointments)

  • 48 Hour cancellation notice - deposit non refundable if failure to do so

  • No show appointments - voids deposit 

  • Must arrive 15 minutes early to appointment

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